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Advancing Health Care

Standards To Save Lives

Global initiatives to improve health have traditionally focused on immunization, sanitation, nutrition and infectious diseases in low and middle-income countries. In spite of this, available data shows that surgical diseases are a very significant public health and social burden that have, unfortunately, been traditionally neglected in favour of infectious diseases.

The total volume of surgery undertaken worldwide has recently been estimated as 234 million procedures per year, compared to 136 million births worldwide (Weiser, Regenbogen et al The Lancet 372(9633): 139-144.)


Obstetrics is therefore critical to public health, with safe surgery and safe anaesthesia being critical components of comprehensive emergency obstetric care.( Epiu I. et al BMC Pregnancy and Child Birth 17 (2017): 387. PMC.)

Our Work


Promoting Universal Health Care through increasing access to safe anesthesia in low-and middle-income countries


Capacity for safe anesthesia in

East Africa

There is no #SafeSurgery with out #SafeAnesthesia


Dr. Isabella Epiu presents at Local and International Conferences advocating for local protocols towards safe anesthesia

About Us

Here at Health Solutions International, we are dedicated to advancing healthcare standards to save lives by sourcing new approaches to emerging global health challenges through research, policy development and implementation. We foster improved standards of health care, providing mentorship, empowerment for vulnerable groups and a platform to advocate for patient safety.

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#YALI2016 MWF Fellow Isabella Epiu from Uganda represented the Fellowship at the

9th African Union Summit 2017

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